The Burning Hour

The Burning Hour is a story of the volatility between tradition and public necessity. On one side, the Mapps, a fiercely independent Native American family, who fight back as government agencies ignore treaty agreements and try to exert control over Mapp family land. On the other, Nick Delgado, a young wildland firefighter for the Bureau of Land Management, searches for his own place in a world that teeters between alien and achingly familiar. Faced with the driest fire season on record, the Mapps must place their trust in a government less than honorable, while Nick struggles with regulations and familial expectations to become the man he needs to be.






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"I can say truly [The Burning Hour] is a novel I won’t ever forget: it’s rich with characterization and social conflicts, suspenseful and engaging, and a vivid portrait of a unique place and its inhabitants. I feel these characters deeply, understand the complicated motivations that make them tick, while at the same time am immersed in their essential mystery, the essential mystery of being human

—Scott Nadelson, author of Between You and Me and The Next Scott Nadelson