August 12-October 20, Southern New Hampshire University, Online MFA Program

The Business of Writing

Explore the many methods and strategies that professional writers employ to leverage their creative talents into financially sustaining work. Investigate the many types of writing opportunities available beyond book publishing, and learn how to start and grow a successful freelance business. Research freelance opportunities, learn how to manage a sole proprietorship, and find resources about various industry tools and conventions.

October 2 to December 10, UCLA Extension, Online

Novel Writing Two

Armed with your overall concept and first chapter, you continue to develop your knowledge of craft by writing scenes using characters and situations from the projected novel and workshopping your in-progress work. Mini-lectures on the art of the novel, intuitive creative process, and conventional vs. non-conventional approaches to novel structure also are covered. The goal is to complete 50 pages of your novel.

August 26-December 15

Fall 2019 DVC Classes (all online):

English 122 First Year Composition (two sections)

English 224 Poetry Writing

English 225 Creative Nonfiction Writing

October 28-January 12, Southern New Hampshire University, Online MFA Program

Finding and Reaching an Audience

Develop strategies to find a readership and build an audience. Investigate approaches and tools for building a writer's platform and increasing visibility in a chosen market. Create a customized, multi-faceted plan to cultivate and engage new fans.

January 8 to March 17, UCLA Extension, Online

Novel Writing One

That novel is inside you waiting to emerge, but knowing how and where to start can be daunting. This course provides you with weekly assignments, group interaction, and instructor feedback to help you explore various methods of writing your first novel while learning the key craft points of plot, structure, characterization, point-of-view, sense of place, and voice. The goal is to complete the first chapter of your novel by establishing an intimacy with your characters as you artfully shape their journey, and to develop an overall concept to guide you through your story. Required for students considering the long-fiction sequence.