July 9-September 10, UCLA Extension, Online

Novel Writing Four

There are a couple of spaces left in this class. Perfect for those of you closing on the end of your story. Formal details here:

For students with at least 150 pages of a novel, this advanced workshop focuses on elements of technique and vision necessary for a work to be considered complete. You receive intensive instructor and peer critiques of manuscript chapters and their relation to the overall work, including a review as needed of the effective use of voice, tone, mood, imagery, and metaphor. A major goal of this course is to give you the self-editing skills to polish and revise your entire novel within and beyond the course itself. Click here for enrollment information.

August 18-December 17, Diablo Valley College, Online

Short Story Writing, English 223

Please join me for a semester of fiction writing. We will learn the form and then pack it full of goodness. Information about the class here.

Latin American Literature, English 167

The course focuses on the literature of Latin American cultures. Through analysis of poetry, fiction, drama, music and film, students will explore political, social, historical, and psychological elements that comprise the voices of Latin Americans.  Information about the class here.

Onsite courses at DVC

English 122, Freshman Composition, Section 3331 (a safer bet)

T TH 11:00 to 12:20

English 122, Freshman Composition, Section 0666 (no devil ideas, okay?)

T TH 12:30 to 1:20

English 170, Mythology, Section 5678 (really)

T TH 2:00-3:20