Being With Him

They are here among us...


Far from home, gifted with special abilities, hunted for their powers. And they are desperate to find their other, the one who completes them...before it's too late...


Sometimes, Time Really Does Stand Still


Mila Adams has always known she was different. For as long as she can remember, she has had the ability to shift time, and who would believe that? Certainly not the obnoxious blind dates her mother keeps foisting off on her. But Mila can't help feeling there's someone out there for her, a soul mate who might understand her unique ability. And when she looks into the dark eyes of financial whiz Garrick McClellan, she can't but feel her time has finally come.


Any man would lust after a beauty like Mila, but the moment Garrick touches her--feels her shifting time just as he can--he recognizes her as his partner in power. Their connection is immediate, passionate, raw, and beyond anything either has ever experienced. But who are they? What is this gift that joins them so intensely? Are there others like them? And why do they feel that time is running out?







"Being with Him by Jessica Inclan is very much a book about finding your other half, the one person that is the other part of your soul, someone who helps you make sense of your life for the very first time. Imagine being born with a power you cannot control. No one understands when you tell them about it. You would feel isolated and alone, and that is just how Mila and Garrick felt growing up. Mila always knew she couldn't talk about her power to shift time. She always knew no one would understand. Garrick made the mistake of telling people about it and he was subjected to doctors and testing untill he denied having his powers. To be so misunderstood would make finding your special someone - someone who has been through virtually the same thing you have and knows what it feels like to the outcast - that much more intense. I adored this romance and I hope to read more of Ms. Inclan's powerful work in the future."


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