The Wolf at the Window

Talaith and Kaherdin should never meet. They should never know each other. They and their people are at war. Her people hold onto the very magic that would change his people’s lives. His people want to kill hers and take what has been withheld for so long. To find each other, to fall in love with each other, to want each other could cause the fragile balance in both their worlds to crack and shatter, changing more than just their own two lives.

The Wolf at the Window is the story of lovers brought together from two different, opposing, warring worlds, a shapeshifting Romeo and Juliet set in a post apocalyptic world, but a story with a happy ending.

Battling their own differences, their own people and beliefs, and the clock that is running on Talaith’s dose of elixir, they must find a way to connect their two worlds and bring their people together before both worlds are destroyed. Along the way, they learn about their own inner strengths, their love for each other, and their desire to right a world gone sadly wrong.






"Original love story uniting worlds apart...
Wonderful story of Talaith, a colonist who takes the `cure' as well as her comfortable life for granted; and Kaherdin, a man/wolf `Other' who refuses to feed on humans and very nearly starves himself to death in the process. Although they meet in a dream world, they find the magic to meet in the real world where their love faces life threatening challenges. The story is full of richly detailed characters & differing worlds who handle life in conflicting ways. Great story!"