The Perfect Lover

Roys is a forty-something college English teacher who has left her husband and needs to decide if she is going to make the separation a divorce--or use it as a way to move back into her marriage.

As she wrestles with the agonizing decision, she finds herself on a ridiculous and potentially dangerous quest with some interesting travel companions--parts of herself who all seem to want different things. She rescues her father's ashes and along with the parts of herself, she revisits the people who led her to where she is now. Only after the journey is she able to make the decision she needs to. 








"Roya Delbanco has a great life--a kind and thoughtful husband, a job she loves, and a teenage son who doesn't give Roya gray hair--but it isn't enough. She wants more, something else, and she leaves her husband in order to find it. Unfortunately, as is often the case, she thinks the answer resides in someone else. Roya's journey through internet dating, while separated from her husband but still trying to figure out her path, is sad and painful, but incredibly honest. Armed with her emotions as companions, Roya slowly comes to understand the weight of the past and its impact on the present, s well as what she needs and what she has to do to get it. Inclan captures Roya's painful transition from a secure but unsatisfying marriage to something else, something without clear definition."