Intimate Beings

Lately, Claire Edwards feels like she is floundering. A ho-hum teaching job, a string of terrible dates, nights spent only with Netflix and bizarre dreams of spaceships for isn't working out the way she hoped. But Claire has an extraordinary secret ability - she can go anywhere at all, just by wishing it. And if the intensely attractive man who suddenly materialises in her car one day is any indication, Claire's not the only one...Ever since Darl James learned of his true origins, he has been searching for his partner and life mate, the one whose gift will complement and complete his own. Now that he's found Claire, he vows to never lose her again, or their soul-searching, sensual connection. But keeping her safe won't be easy when they've been marked for destruction by an evil, power-hungry race. A fierce battle is brewing, one that will test Claire and Darl's new bond to the limit, and decide the future of all their kind...



"INTIMATE BEINGS is the second book in Inclán's Cygirian saga. I highly recommend reading book one, BEING WITH HIM, in order to fully appreciate the history of the characters. The complex plot involves intriguing situations, as well as innovative solutions to the problems facing the aliens. Jessica Inclán continues to impress me with her exceptional storytelling abilities..  I cannot wait to see what she has in store for the Cygirians in her next novel. INTIMATE BEINGS is such an exceptional story that I know I will read it again and again. I strongly urge you to read it! You'll be glad you did."

By Romance Junkies 

Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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