Believe In Me

The Croyants des Trois are a powerful clan of telepaths and healers, and Felix Valasay, as gifted in magic as he is in seduction, is the black sheep of the family...For a Croyant, Felix Valasay lives a charmed life of sensual excess, so he's less than thrilled to be interrupted mid-hookup by notorious Croyant straight arrow, Sayblee Safipour. She'd been the smart one in their magic classes, the one he couldn't win over with a smile or a compliment or twelve, the one he'd wanted so desperately. Now he has the chance to wake up to her beautiful, calm face, to smell the sweetness of her skin, to be this close to those maddening curves...Figures Sayblee would find Felix 'entertaining' when they have important Council business to attend to - setting a trap in Paris for the most dangerous, powerful sorcier their world has ever known. To do that they will need to hide in plain sight, living together like an ordinary Moyenne couple, using no magic at all. Keeping her mind shut against the dark forces trying to find them is tough. But keeping Felix's hot body out of her thoughts is nearly impossible. Sometimes the only way to avoid temptation is to yield to it...







"Believe in Me is a great romance story.  Sayblee was the one who could tame Felix’s heart, but her reservations of being just another warm body kept her from giving in to his advances.  Of course when she finally did there was no turning back.  I liked Felix.  Even though he was a cad in the beginning it was obvious how much he wanted Sayblee.  There was so much to Felix than what he allowed others to see on the surface.  There’s also much more to this story than just the romance of Sayblee and Felix, all the parts put together make for a wonderful read..  Followers of The Believe Trilogy will be happy with Believe in Me the latest installment of this trilogy, but they will be sad that it’s the final installment as well."

Reviewed by Ley

Joyfully Reviewed

November 2008


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